Архів: 2017 | 2018
Премія Aprize започаткована радіо Аристократи в 2016 році

The Best Ukrainian
Album of the year

Aprize – independent Ukrainian music award established by the Kyiv-based digital media «Radio Aristocrats». Since year 2015 the primary mission of the annual award has been selection and promotion of the best contemporary Ukrainian music, irrespective of genre, composition, range of recognition and level of success. Noteworthy, Aprize jury was the one who handed Ukrainian band dakhabrakha their first ever music award long before their international recognition and substantial success, both at home and abroad. Each year the project staff and the jury examine thoroughly new Ukrainian releases issued throughout the passing year in search of the best album. After the three-stage selection process the award ceremony is conducted, when the perspective winners take the stage and perform songs from their latest releases.

Who chooses the longlist?

The judging panel is formed by the most reputable and most famous commentators, musicologists, composers, musicians, critics, and cultural researchers. People who are interested in a commercial success of a particular album or an artist are excluded from the jury team. The head of the jury is a person who accumulates all the opinions of the participants of the discussion and, if necessary, determines the methodology for choosing the best album. For the third year in a row Alexey Kogan will act as the guarantor of the integrity of the judging process. Before year 2019 the jury of the award comprised predominantly of Ukrainian music experts and professionals. For Aprize 2019 we managed to invite some of the renowned representatives of the British music industry, thus, transforming the jury to an international and, more importantly, impartial one. The judges’ decisions are based solely on the quality of the music on the albums. The final list of judges will be announced shortly.

Who chooses the shortlist?

So far, there are 47 longlisted ‘Albums of the Year’, selected by the judges from the 243 albums released in 2018. Unlike the longlist, the shortlist is formed solely by the audience. We let fans/followers/listeners/music lovers/independent critics and experts to join the voting process and express their attitude to the longlisted albums. We respect our audience and appreciate its opinion.

Who chooses the winner?

The same judging panel meets again on the day of the Gala Concert to choose the single “Album of the Year” from the shortlist. This can be a long process and, as always, the judges base their decision solely on the quality of the music on the album.

How many categories are there?

Aprize is open to all genres of music. There are no categories in the Aprize. The main criterion for an artist to be shortlisted is an affiliation to the Ukrainian music scene and an LP-release issued throughout the passing year. So far, there are 47 longlisted “Albums of the Year”, picked by the jury from the 243 albums released in 2018. The genres of music that are represented tend to vary from year to year.

What do the artists win?

There's only one single winner in the Aprize. He receives the statuette “Album of the Year” during the Gala Concert. More significantly the Aprize is capable of increasing public awareness of the winning album, and considerably raise the profiles of all the longlisted and shortlisted artists.